Interview and Giveaway with Patty of Happy Patty Crochet

Moth Orchid - Happy Patty CrochetRanunculus-HappyPattyCrochet


Meet Patty

Patty of Happy Patty Crochet designs amazingly realistic crochet flowers. Above, you can see pictures of her Moth Orchids, Ranunculi, African Violets, and Magnolia Grandifloras. In all, Patty has almost 50 different flower designs.

I love how strikingly accurate Patty’s work is. She masterfully reproduces not just the shape of each leaf and petal, but their relative positions in the finished bloom. Patty also does a wonderful job capturing the delicacy of the flowers.

You can find all of Patty’s designs on her website, her Ravelry designer page, and her Etsy store. Also make sure to check out her blog here, where she shares updates about her patterns as well as tips for executing them.

The Interview

Q. Describe your designing workspace. Do you work inside or outside? Are you surrounded by fresh flowers, or do you work from photographs?

A. My studio consists of a large round table that stands in the middle of the room, and around it cabinets filled with yarn, more yarn, and more yarn and lots and lots of crocheted flowers – roses, ranunculi, orchids, daisies, magnolias, lilacs, finished flowers and failed attempts of finished flowers. 🙂

I work mostly inside. I work outside or in a coffee shop if I find that I need a change of scenery, some inspiration or when my two normally little lazy cats decide that its time to chew and destroy everything I’m working on. 🙂

If I can find the flower I’m working on, I get it from the local flower market or from just outside my house. If I cannot find the flowers, I work with photos.

Q. In what ways have you used your crochet bouquets?

A. Mostly as gifts – most of my designs either end up as decoration in my home, or in the homes of my family and friends.

Q. What advice would you give someone trying one of your designs for the first time?

A. Just enjoy it! crochet is all about fun and relaxation. Take your time, and just enjoy it! Oh, and pay attention to shaping. 🙂

Bonus Question! I read on your blog that you have a passion for fruit carving. How did you get started with that?

Fruit Carving - Happy Patty CrochetA. I was first introduced to fruit carving when I was around 9 years old – in school we had art classes, and occasionally, classes that focus on Thai Art. In one of those classes, we learned fruit carving, it was very basic, and we had to bring our fruits from home – I, as per usual in those days :), forgot to bring mine, and had to share a small papaya with a friend, on which we unleashed our small not-fit-for-carving knives. 🙂

As time passed, I fell in love more and more with Lai Thai (Thai Art), with its beautiful smooth and curved lines, and stunning shapes, and I got closer to fruit carving. I kept attempting and practicing at home, using mostly papayas, and I slowly got better. My teacher noticed that I had a passion (and maybe talent) for this art, and I started participating in competitions – where my responsibility was carving flowers out of pumpkins 🙂 We won some and lost some, but it was great fun and an amazing experience that changed the way I look and approach flowers even today.


For those of you who would like to attempt a Happy Patty Crochet design, she is sponsoring a giveaway of one of her patterns! To enter, comment below and tell Patty which of her designs is your favorite. Then, click here to submit your entry. The giveaway will end on September 23 at 23:59 PST.

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26 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway with Patty of Happy Patty Crochet

  1. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to comment here lol (promise I won’t participate in the giveaway :)), but wanted to thank Keilah for the opportunity to share a little bit of my story! And also thanks to all who shared their thoughts here, I stop here daily to re-read the comments 🙂 Have a wonderful day and Happy crocheting! Patty

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely interview. All of Patty’s patterns are so beautiful and realistic. I love the plumeria (which I have already made), and would love to try the Rose (open) next! Of course, they’re ALL on my long-term list of patterns to try.


  3. I Love the African Violet you designed. I have a Green Thumb for growing flowers … inside and out ….. But I’ve never had success with growing THEM !


  4. I love all of your flower designs. I would like to make the African Violets for my MIL. She doesn’t like real flowers because her cats eat them and then throw up!


  5. That is not easy of course to pick a favorite as I love all flowers and all of Pattys looks so real. I really love roses so I think the Spray Rose is my very fav. I keep watching for a Dogwood. Thank you for the chance.


  6. I have had you favorited in my ravelry account for 5 or 6 months now, I think its time I give it a try, it seems like Calla Lilly is easier than others so that’s the pattern I would choose.


  7. All of the Happy Patty Designs are beautiful! I really like the lilac flower. It reminds me of the beautiful and fragrant lilac bushes in my grandmother’s garden.


  8. I have so many of Happy Patty’s patterns it is hard to say which is my favorite. I am in love with all of the Roses and I have been making them for my wedding


  9. It was nearly impossible to pick just one pattern, but I loved the Rose Flower Appliqué! I’m planning my 3 little girls’ Easter outfits and could see that pattern making the perfect hair accessory because the fabrics I bought to sew the dresses are covered in big, gorgeous roses.


  10. I love the Moth Orchid pattern.
    I purchased it a few months ago but have not worked up the courage to start it yet!
    All her patterns are wonderful but that is certainky my favourite


  11. I have never seen such incredible faux flowers!!! I think the Magnolia and lilacs are my favorites!!!! Ooh and the big orchids!! Too many choices!!! I am defiantly going to have to get some of the patterns when I’m finished my current projects!!


  12. I love the idea of flowers I can’t accidentally kill, and all of these designs are just lovely! I think my favorite is the “Ranunculus Flower.” I love the density of this flower and the possibilities of multiple colors for added depth.


  13. great interview and difficult decision on one pattern of choice. will have to say the spray rose and then could add some of the others for an everlasting bouquet of beauties.


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