Interview and Giveaway with Katya Novikova

   Katya Novikova's Hourglass Katya Novikova's DunesKatya Novikova's Overcast

Meet Katya Novikova

Katya Novikova is a self-described “yarnaholic” and crochet addict. She designs hats, mittens, and cowls, but the majority of her designs are airy lace shawls and scarves. I admire Katya for her ability to create light, drapy crochet fabric without large holes. I also love that Katya’s designs use stitch themes that are cohesive but not repetitive.

Pictured above are three of my favorite of Katya’s designs: Hourglass, Dunes, and Overcast. You can find all of Katya Novikova’s crochet patterns, which are both written and charted, on her Ravelry designer page, here.

The Interview

Q. Describe your yarn stash! What does it look like? Where is it stored?

A. My yarn stash is my treasure. I store it everywhere in my home, and, as a treasure, it is well hidden in places where my daughter can’t find it. I like natural fibers and I really enjoy to work with them. I have anything you can imagine in my stash – variegated and solid yarns from lace weight to bulky.

Q. Who taught you how to crochet?

A. I taught myself to crochet when my daughter was about 6 months old (now she is 3 years), just to kill the time while she napped. I used photo- and video-tutorials, mostly from YouTube. I didn’t expect I would love it so much – it turned into an obsession immediately.

Q. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

A. I think the fine, airy textures of Japanese style impact my work. And I’m inspired a lot by other designers’ work, maybe because I’m a novice to crochet. I always find something absolutely new for me.

Q. What is your favorite part about being a crochet designer?

A. My favorite part is crocheting as it is – I always love making things with my own hands. I need to work with a material and transform it into an object. And, as a designer, I can make things my way.

Q. Can you tell me about Picnic, your newest design?

A. When I was a child, each summer I spend in countryside in my grandma’s house. And my newest shawl, Picnic, is a summery design as I mean it – in a country, rustic style.


Katya Novikova's Picnic

Katya is sponsoring a giveaway of her beautiful shawl design, Picnic! To enter, comment below and tell Katya which of her designs is your favorite. Then, click here to submit. The giveaway ended at 23:59 PM on September 9, 2015. Congratulations to girliefriend, the winner!


13 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway with Katya Novikova

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  2. I like all of her designs and it’s difficult to choose just one. Lac Rose caught my eye recently, it’s such a pretty colour and design.


  3. I love all of these designs, just fabulous. It’s hard to pick a favorite top 4 are “Lily”, “Rain Forest”, “Honey Moon” and the newest “Picnic”

    My favorite is “Rain Forest”, one of my daughters has been looking for a shawl/scarf that she can wear under her coat and keep her chest warm, I really do need to get this pattern 🙂
    And since there is a bundle coupon it looks like i can get all of my faves, haha

    Great designer, lover her work and simple, elegant lines of her designs.


  4. I love Katyas wonderful designs. My favourites at the moment are Swan lake and Overcast, but I would like to crochet also Baked Milk, Fleurs du mal and Early Leaves.


  5. Your designs are lovely! It’s very difficult to choose a ‘favorite’. If necessary, I think I’d choose
    “Overcast” shawl. Either that or “Cherries”. I have some lovely lace weight yarn from Anzula – called Milky Way, which is made with Milk Proteins. I think the Overcast shawl would be just beautiful in that yarn.
    Fingers crossed…thank you for the opportunity!


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