Dragonfruit Shawl: A Tester’s Review

MrsMcD918, one of my wonderful Ravelry testers for the Dragonfruit Shawl, posted this detailed and helpful review on her blog yesterday. It includes notes about the yarn, an assessment of the pattern difficulty, and a tip for working the slip stitch sections. Check out the full post and the rest of her blog at https://simplysummerstreet.com/.


Simply Summer Street

A few months ago, I was contacted by The Knot Theorist to see if I was interested in pattern testing for her.


I jumped right in.


I had been looking for the perfect project to use my new Jazz Handz yarn, this was a perfect pairing!

imageThe Dragonfruit Shawl, it is a wonderful pattern.

Suitable for a beginner/intermediate crocheter and interesting enough for a more advanced crocheter.


Using simple stitches, the most difficult part for me was the back loop slip stitches and double back loop slip stitches.

I really feel this was due to the thinness of the yarn and it not being spun (not a complaint about the yarn, I just wasn’t used to working with the yarn-I’ll definitely be purchasing more).

I found if I pulled up the loop of my slip stitch to the hight of a double crochet before completing, it…

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