Secret Santa!

Making gifts is one of my favorite Christmas activities. I love picking yarns and patterns to match the personalities of friends and family. Even though it’s not quite Christmas yet, I’ve already had a chance to give a gift through my robotics team’s secret Santa gift exchange.

When the team pulled recipient names out of a hat, I drew the name of my sister Bam Bam. After a bit of stash diving, I found the perfect yarn to use for her gift: Yarn Bee Diva Sequin in the Istanbul colorway. With its intense jewel tones that segue into murky greens and purples, it reminded me of the fairy tales Bammy loves to read.

Then I found a pattern, the Geminio Neckwarmer, that reminded me of another of Bam Bam’s interests: Victorian literature.

There was one obstacle to my chosen pairing: the pattern was written for fingering weight yarn, but the Diva Sequin was Aran weight.  I decided to go for it anyway. With a few tweaks, I successfully completed my project, which I dubbed the Victorian Fairy Tale Neckwarmer.

Victorian Fairy Tale Neckwarmer

Of course, receiving my own present was enjoyable as well. I was blown away by the thoughtfulness of my secret Santa.

The first thing I noticed as I opened my package was the pretty origami bow adorning the box. I chuckled when I pulled it off and found a little face on the underside.


When I opened the box, I found an enormous skein of rainbow yarn. I immediately knew it would be perfect for the blanket shawl I’d been wanting to make myself.

Rainbow Yarn

Underneath it was an awesome knitting ornament. There was also a snazzy necklace with my logo on one side and a bar code linking to my blog on the other side.

Caution: Weapons of Mass Construction


In the bottom corner of the box was my favorite gift of all: an awesome mug decorated with puns and a knitting dragon. Thank you, secret Santa!

Knotty or Nice Mug#1 Tea-m Manager Mug


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