How I Tamed the Bulky


I found a gentle creature while wandering aimlessly in the Fiber Forest. The bulky had a teal-green coat with hints of brassy gold and lustrous emerald. Fascinated, I reached out to touch her silky fur.

It wasn’t until after I’d brought the bulky home that I realized I had no idea how to tame her. I’d worked with many kinds of yarn-creatures before, but never one so large.

I knew that if I was going to keep her, I had to get creative. I pulled out my hook and set to work. Unfortunately, she refused to cooperate and kept running off to look for frogs. Strange creature.

I grew increasingly frustrated at my failure to tame the bulky skein. I was almost ready to set her free when I remembered the advice a wise yarn-charmer had once given me. “Let the yarn tell you what it wants to be.”

How could I have forgotten? I had been so bent on controlling the bulky’s behavior that I hadn’t noticed her personality. Before I could tame her, I needed to get to know her better.

The next time I approached the skein, I played with her instead of trying to direct her. The bulky softened under this new approach, and by the end of the session she had revealed to me what she wanted to be: a simple infinity scarf.

This time, the crocheting process was delightfully quick, easy, and frogless. And we lived happily ever after.

Do you have a skein that just won’t be tamed? I hope this goofy story inspires you to ask it what it wants to be.


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