Bam Bam and Devin: Push Ups at the Aquarium

My sister Bam Bam is best known as a sweet talkative girl who has a passion for glitter and cooking. When she’s with her friend Devin, however, she unleashes a side of her rarely seen: her athleticism. Whenever they meet, Bammy and Devin end up in some sort of physical contest.

One day, I went with the two on a visit to an aquarium. It was rather busy that day, and I briefly lost sight of Bam Bam and Devin in the crowd after pausing to look at some jellyfish. When I caught up, I found my sister on the floor doing push ups. Next to her, I saw Devin apparently trying to do an arabesque.

I came to a standstill in front of the pair of weirdos and stared. I was as nonplussed as Dr. Watson presumably was when Sherlock Holmes strode in one morning with an enormous spear under his arm. As a group of people jostled past me, I collected myself.

“What are you doing?” I asked quietly, trying not to call too much attention. Devin, noticing my presence for the first time, quickly put his leg down and tried to assume a casual stance. Bam Bam got to her feet without embarrassment.

“Devin was implying that I couldn’t do push ups,” she calmly informed me. “I was proving him wrong.”

“Might I also ask why Devin was attempting ballet moves?” I inquired as we began to walk through the aquarium.

“I challenged him to.”

“Couldn’t you have waited until we got outside or something?”

“Well, I suppose so.”

There’s Bam Bam for you.


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