Ruby Pullover


In contrast to my Titan Top, which is a warm-weather garment, this pullover is meant for the cooler seasons. My Ruby Pullover, made from Doris Chan’s design Jewel, was one of my first top-down sweaters.

Also unlike my Titan Top, Ruby has seen little wear. One reason for this is the yarn I chose: Simply Soft, which is a 100% acrylic worsted weight yarn. The solid stitch pattern combined with the heavy weight of the yarn made Ruby bulky, and the acrylic content caused a lack of drape.

Another reason I don’t wear Ruby as much as my other garments is the fit. Since I was still relatively new to crocheting when I made it, I was nervous to add waist shaping, so I worked the garment straight down from the chest. Unsurprisingly, the finished garment lacked shape.

In summary, Ruby had no drape and no shape. If I were to make another project from the same pattern, I would likely choose sport weight yarn instead of worsted, and crochet it at a looser gauge. I would also look for a cotton or linen fiber content rather than pure acrylic. Finally, I would add waist shaping and be sure to try it on as I go to check the fit.

Ruby may not be the most successful of my crochet projects, but by making it, I learned about gauge, drape, fiber content, and shaping. Have you ever crocheted a project you weren’t thrilled with? What did it teach you? Please comment below and let me know.


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