My First Garment

My First Garment

Above you see Bam Bam dressed up in something close to my typical outfit, which consists of dark fitted jeans, a black t-shirt, and a crochet cover-up or accessory.

The blue vest Bammy is modeling above was my first crochet garment ever, made in the spring of 2013 out of Caron Simply Soft. At the time, I thought Simply Soft was the softest, prettiest yarn there was. While I still enjoy working with Simply Soft, my infatuation with it at the time was probably due to the fact that the only other yarn I’d been exposed to was scratchy acrylic from my beginner crochet kit.

But I digress. My first crochet garment, while not as complex as others I have made, is the one I wear the most. It’s soft, machine-washable, and warm without being bulky. The fabric has also stayed attractive after lots of wear and trips through the washing machine. Most importantly, my vest goes well with jeans and a black t-shirt.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find the pattern from which I made this vest, but if you recognize it, please let me know so I can credit it.


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