Birthday Bow Ties


You didn’t think I’d forgotten about my fifth work-in-progress for my WIPItGood challenge, did you? I completed three different bow ties of my own design yesterday and gifted them to my Whovian friend for her birthday.

Each one used a different stitch and took less than an hour to make. These bow ties are perfect for using up scraps of yarn. In fact, the blue bow tie was made from the leftovers of my Christmas Crescent!

I named the blue bow tie Crimp, since it uses a wavy yarn in a ridged stitch pattern. The texture of the red bow tie reminds me of coarsely woven linen, so I named it Dowlas.

The last bow tie with the jagged silver and fuchsia stripes has no name as of yet, but I would love to hear your suggestions! Take a look at the close-up photo, then comment below with your name idea.

Name this bow tie!


6 thoughts on “Birthday Bow Ties

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