Meet My Model: Bam Bam

Meet My Model: Bam Bam

Meet my sister Bam Bam. Somewhere in Arizona, there is a pink stuffed monkey named after her. But that’s a story for another day.

Why the nickname? If you could see a certain picture of her two-year-old self holding a plastic hammer with a mischievous grin on her face, you would know.

Since you can’t, I’ll tell you. Bam Bam has always had a talent for working with her hands. When she was a toddler, this talent manifested itself in the physical destruction she wreaked on helpless objects such as my toys. Nowadays, Bammy uses her hands to cook amazing meals and desserts, such as cream puffs. She recently joined my robotics team, so she will also be using her hands to build a robot this year.

Bammy’s other passions include classic literature, ruffly skirts, and melodramatic lip-syncing to mushy love songs. She also enjoys making obscure references to books and songs. I guess that fits in with her dream of becoming a librarian.

I could never run out of stories to tell about Bam Bam, so I’ve decided to post some of them here! Stay tuned for stories about cream puffs, aquarium wrestling, and underwater cycling.


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