Rainbow Road Scarf


A Hobby Lobby store recently opened in my town, so I’ve been having fun trying some new (to me) yarns! My latest creation, the Rainbow Road Scarf, was made from Yarn Bee Diva Sequin in the beautiful Bali colorway.

I used the free pattern Faux Broomstick Lace Infinity Scarf by Kate Cannon. At first glance, the pattern only gives instructions for a simple single crochet scarf. But the twist is in the gauge: the pattern uses a P (15.00 mm) hook with a worsted weight yarn! The broomstick lace effect is created by stretching the scarf when it is completed.

I didn’t have a P hook, so I used the largest hook I had: L. Straight off the hook, the fabric looked as it did below. The scarf was 6″ wide and 39″ long.


The picture below shows the fabric as I began to stretch it. After being fully stretched, the scarf was 4.5″ wide and 58″ long! Just for good measure, I steam blocked the scarf. The final dimensions were 4″ by 72″. It grew impressively, considering I went down 4 hook sizes. It doesn’t quite have a broomstick lace effect, but the beautiful colors stand on their own.



6 thoughts on “Rainbow Road Scarf

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  2. Love everything about your scarf! Yarn, colorway, stitches…did I say color? I’m partial to color-changing yarn so, needless to say, I’ll be looking for this one on my next HL (ad)venture!
    Happy hooking,
    Mary aka yayamama


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