Vest for a Thlee Year Old


“Karissa, will you let me take some photos with you in this?” I asked, holding up a newly completed blue-green crochet vest. The little “thlee year old” glanced up from her smoothie, then decidedly shook her head. “I’ll take you swimming later,” I coaxed. Her eyes lit up and she smiled. “Okay…”

Half an hour later, I’d finally gotten her into an outfit that worked with the vest. Before we went outside, she grabbed an old Lorax hat I’d made for her Halloween costume 2 years ago. “I’m gonna wear this too,” she announced as she placed it firmly on her head. I knew it wouldn’t be wise to argue.


After the first few shots, I took off her Lorax hat. Luckily, she made no protest. She was beginning to enjoy herself, and she started to dance as she posed.


When I saw her attention beginning to wander, I told her she could go inside to change into her bathing suit. Instead of running to her dresser, she looked up and asked, “Can you take a few more photos before we go swimming?” I couldn’t refuse, could I?



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