WIP It Good Challenge


I usually have about three crochet WIPs* – one or two easy projects to crochet while watching a movie, and one of my own designs. But this summer, my list of works in progress has exploded! I have WIPs on my bed stand, my couch, my dresser, and the shelf behind my kitchen table. Some I’ve barely started, some are halfway through, and others just need buttons sewn on.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to try to finish at least 5 WIPs. I’ll post progress pictures on Instagram as well as on my blog.

How many works in progress do you have right now? If you’d like to join me in this challenge, post your WIPs and completed project pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #WIPitgood and tag @Knot_Theorist.

*WIP stands for Work In Progress.


5 thoughts on “WIP It Good Challenge

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  4. I have 2 WIPs, one of which being a red crochet top – the first I ever tried to make. Pattern consists of REALLY simple pattern of three trebles and three chains…trouble is when I was new to crochet I thought crocheting into the chain space meant crocheting into the ACTUAL chains! On a 2.5mm hook the front took forever…just cant seem to get motivated to make the back! lol 🙂

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  5. I have 2 WIPs, but if I had more yarn I’d definitely have 1 or 2 more 🙂 I’m relatively new to crochet but I understand that some projects can get monotonous and the diversion and instant gratification of smaller projects can be the push that gets you through 🙂

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