2015 Goals – Halftime Review

It’s already halfway through the year. Here’s an update of my progress in my 2015 goals so far.

Blog Goals:

1.  Get into the habit of blogging at least once a week

I’ve been doing a terrible job at this! I got busy with exams and robotics. Now that summer’s here, I hope to start blogging more often.

2.  Write from the heart

I haven’t been blogging, so I haven’t made any progress with this goal either.

Design Goals:

1.  Submit at least 12 pattern proposals to third party publications

So far, I’ve submitted 8 unique pattern proposals to third party publications. Out of the 8, 6 have been accepted!

2.  Learn garment grading


3.  Work from a style sheet

I have worked from a style sheet for my accepted pattern proposals. Yay!

4.  Self-publish one garment pattern in at least 5 sizes

I need to learn garment grading first.

5.  Design a logo

Not yet, but I plan to start soon!

Other Goals:

1.  Knit a pi scarf

I can knit English style, but I don’t want to attempt a large project until I have Continental style down.

2.  Practice Soroban 10 minutes daily

Grrrr…. I haven’t been doing this either.

3.  Learn shorthand

No progress.

4.  Read at least 3 of Shakespeare’s histories

I haven’t started yet.

5.  Qualify for the AIME

I didn’t qualify this year.

6.  Go to Mathcamp

I didn’t qualify for Mathcamp either… I prioritized robotics over my application. Considering I went to the FIRST World Championship this year with my robotics team, I have no regrets about this one. 🙂


I’ve accomplished one goal, made progress in one other, failed two, and haven’t started the rest. My review is a bit depressing. I’ll have to do much better the second half of the year. Time to make a plan!

How are you doing with your goals for 2015?


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